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Indulge in a boudoir photoshoot that leaves you exuding confidence and beauty, enabling you to celebrate your body, relationships, and life to the fullest!

We will make sure you look and feel amazing. And we promise you will be SO happy you did this.

It's your time...

Now. Not later.

Be daring & do something different.

You deserve it

Atlanta Boudoir Photoshoots


Boudoir Shoot ?

*Feel confident & reclaim your sexy

*Celebrate your birthday

*Give an amazing gift to your partner for an anniversary, valentine's day, or just because

*Unique wedding gift! Surprise your person with something special on the honeymoon night.

*Honor who you are today

*Recognize a fitness goal

*Just for fun

"I felt so alive and beautiful. I was so in love with the images of myself." Sara


Boudoir Shoot

With Little Black Dress Boudoir Photography Of Atlanta

1. Luxury Studio- Enjoy your photoshoot in our fully furnished 5000+ square feet commercial studio space. No need to wait weeks for limited time slots. We do photoshoots every week!

2. Instant Gratification - You will get to see your photos before you leave the studio.

3. Specialized in working with the everyday woman- We use posing & lighting to make you look and feel amazing!

4. 100% Female Staff -We understand exactly what works for the female body and how to relate to our clients

5. Heirloom Products- Enjoy your photos for years to come with our exquisite line of albums, wall portraits, & more

Luxury Boudoir

Albums & Products

Boudoir Photoshoots With

Real Women

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m super nervous - I’ve never done anything like this before! 

Of course you're nervous!  Doing something out of your comfort zone is always a bit nerve-wracking. But that's part of the fun of a boudoir photoshoot! We'll be with you every step of the way. Also, we have created a specific set of “ice breaker poses” to help you get comfortable super quick during the session. Once we get through those, you’ll be walking around the studio like it’s your own home.

What sets can I pick from?

We have a few sets to choose from:

"Backstage Dressing Room"-love that old hollywood glamour look? This set will definitely make you feel like a Marilyn Monroe

"The Boudoir"-Classic and flawless set that includes a bed and chair

"Dark & Moody"- More playboy style with moodier style

"Hallway of Fame"- This long beautiful hallway is the backdrop to gorgeous but simple set. This is one of our signature looks

Periodically throughout the year we will do specialty sets such as: "Bridgerton Boudoir", "Tea Time", and "Pole Dancer". Make sure you are on our email list to stay in the loop when we offer specialty sets.

FAQ image

Is hair and makeup required 

The answer to this frequently asked question is a resounding: yes! Don't get us wrong -- We can skillfully capture your raw beauty and sex appeal without professional hair and makeup. BUT. Hear me us out..You have hired a professional boudoir photographer because you want gorgeous pictures of yourself -- not just your regular snapshots or selfies that anyone can take. And you are trusting us to guide you throughout your custom-designed, luxury boudoir experience so that you come out loving not just your photos -- but your boudoir shoot experience as a whole. Plus who doesn't want to get the V.I.P. treatment and feel pampered? Sit back and relax..let us do the rest.

How do I prep for my session and what do I wear?

Get our free guide here! We will also go into detail at the pre-session consult as well.

When will I get to see my photos?

Right after your shoot - before you leave the studio!

I’m a curvy girl - can you still make me look good?

YES! We specialize in creating gorgeous boudoir portraits of every woman.

How far in advance should I schedule my shoot?

Because we specialize in boudoir, our calendar fills up quickly.  We recommend coming in for your shoot 6-8 weeks before you need your album.  No matter what your timeline is, get in touch - we can sometimes accommodate last-minute requests.

How much do the prints and albums cost?

We offer luxury boudoir albums, framed wall art, and digital downloads in collections starting at $599. You can email us to receive full price list

What are the studio hours?

We shoot primarily on the weekends and also have some daytime availability during the week as well

Where is the studio located?

We are located in dunwoody/sandy springs area. 3039 Amwiler Rd. Atlanta Ga 30360

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final. You may only reschedule one time with at least 2 weeks notice. If it less than 2 weeks a $100 rescheduling fee will apply

Our Team

Boudoir photography holds a special place in our heart because it allows us to empower women and capture their unique beauty and confidence in a tasteful and intimate way. It's incredibly rewarding to witness the transformation that occurs during a boudoir session as clients embrace their vulnerability and discover their inner strength. We aim to create images that not only showcase the physical beauty of our clients but also reflect their individual personalities and stories. Ultimately, boudoir photography is about celebrating self-love and acceptance, and we feel honored to be a part of that journey with each and every client.

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